• TrueStrike Range Mat Section
  • TrueStrike Range Mat Section

TrueStrike Range Mat Section



The TrueStrike Range Mat Section is an ideal choice for those seeking to expand their True Strike Hitting mat or in need of a replacement component. This section comprises both the molded frame and a segment of the stance mat, featuring pre-punched holes for a tee receiver. It's essential to keep in mind that True Strike parts are entirely modular, allowing for hassle-free expansions to your hitting mat system.


TrueStrike Technology
TrueStrike is a groundbreaking golf mat that replicates the play, sensation, and response of a real fairway. This extraordinary attribute is referred to as "fairway forgiveness." Thanks to TrueStrike's distinctive top surface and the subsurface that mimics divots, golfers can now experience a mat that faithfully reproduces the nuances of playing on a real fairway for the very first time.

Top Surface & Divot Simulating Subsurface
Upon impact with a club, the TrueStrike top surface exhibits flexibility, stretching, and gathering, effectively emulating the sensation of striking a fairway. Beneath this top layer lies the Divot Simulating Subsurface, comprising a nylon-reinforced polyurethane cushion housing a closed-cell foam insert and the vital silicone gel. In stark contrast to the rigid foam backing found in standard mats, this cushion enables the club head to seamlessly interact with the playing surface, just as it would on natural turf.

What's Included

  • (1) Range Mat Section


15"W x 52"L x 2⅜"H

23 lbs.