• SkyTrak Ball Tray
  • SkyTrak Ball Tray

SkyTrak Ball Tray



Enhance your practice sessions with the SkyTrak Ball Tray. Specifically designed for seamless integration with the SkyTrak 5x5 Hitting Mat, this commercial-quality tray promises durability and efficiency in one.

With its unique flange feature, it sits securely under the golf mat, ensuring stability throughout your practice. No more disruptions from wandering golf balls – the tray is engineered to keep your balls orderly and within reach. A tool not just for organization, but to truly optimize and make your practice time more productive.

  • Commercial Quality Golf Ball Tray
  • Designed For Skytrak 5x5 Hitting Mat
  • Flange Sits Under Golf Mat To Keep Tray In Place
  • Keeps Your Balls In Order - No More Runaways
  • Make Practice Time More Productive