• Carl's Place Golf Mat Tee Pack

Carl's Place Golf Mat Tee Pack



The Carl's Place Golf Mat Tee Pack is the ideal starter set to complement your golf hitting mat. Tailored to perfectly align with Carl’s Place Hitting Mats, the rubber tee holders securely position your tee at the optimal height for refining your swing. Employ a Carl’s Iron Tee for a near-flush connection with your hitting mat, or opt for a Carl’s Driver Tee to elevate your ball 1.75 inches above the surface.

When used in a golf simulator setup, these tees are designed in black to eliminate any interference with launch monitor ball readings.

What's Included:

  • 3 Carl’s Rubber Tee Holders
  • 6 Carl’s Iron Tees (1.66 inches)
  • 6 Carl’s Driver Tees (2.66 inches)